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The Customizability of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

BY superuser, News Oct 12 2018

The Customizability of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

With every home renovation that you undergo, you always consider renovating all the rooms in your home – and that includes the kitchen. If it’s time to renovate your kitchen, you should consider all aspects of the kitchen, including kitchen cabinet doors.


When it’s time to renovate your kitchen, choose us at the Door Maker to provide you with beautiful kitchen cabinet doors that match your unique style!


When it comes to installing kitchen cabinet doors, determine the type of cabinet you have. You may have one or a combination of wall-mounted cabinets, under the counter cabinets, stand-alone cabinets, or the specialty cabinets such as bottle racks and corner ones.


When purchasing kitchen cabinet doors from us at the Door Maker, we provide you with the ability to choose from a wide array of design aspects for your doors, including:


  • Door Profiles – When you work with us at the Door Maker, we offer a large assortment of door profiles for your kitchen cabinet doors. Each varying in different designs, depths, and thicknesses, you’re sure to find the right door profile with over twenty different profiles to choose from.
  • Mullions and Frames – We also offer a selection of mullions and frames. Regardless of whether or not you want one pane, four-pane, six-pane, or eight-pane mullions, we have you covered. We also offer special lites that utilize complex designs instead of simplistic rectangular glass panes.
  • Finishes – Finishes are arguably the most important aspect of choosing the right cabinet door for your kitchen. We offer an wide range of finishes for your kitchen cabinet doors. Be it the Dark Cherry finish, for those looking for a dark brown and textured finish, or the Vanilla Stix finish, for a more lighter and grainy aesthetic, we definitely have the finishes to match the style of your kitchen!


At the Door Maker, our kitchen cabinet doors are manufactured according to your specifications and requirements. Every cabinet door that we produce uses medium-density fibreboard which provides a number of benefits for homeowners. If you’re looking to get started on your kitchen renovation, come to us for all of your kitchen cabinet door needs.


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