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5 Myths About Kitchen Renovation Debunked

June 13, 2023
5 Myths About Kitchen Renovation Debunked


There are many reasons preventing homeowners from renovating their kitchens. Some of them are justified, for example, the fact that they need to have a place to move out during renovation. But others are simply myths forced on them by those whose kitchen renovation went sideways. This blog will debunk some of the most common kitchen renovation myths and help you move forward with your kitchen renovation project.

Common Myths Surrounding Kitchen Renovation



Kitchen renovations are expensive

Any home renovation project requires a certain amount of money to be invested. Experienced homeowners know that the kitchen is the single-most expensive and labour-intensive room to renovate. Installing new kitchen cabinet replacement doors, buying modern appliances, replacing the flooring - all this can cost a pretty penny. However, we find the investment to be more than worth it as the kitchen is usually the place where all the joy of family gatherings is shared.

You can’t DIY a kitchen renovation project

The answer to this question depends on the scale of the renovation. If your project involves redesigning the entire kitchen layout, installing new cabinets, countertops and backsplash or repurposing your dining room into an extended kitchen, consider hiring professionals. If you simply want to update your kitchen cabinet facades and hardware, installing kitchen cabinet replacement doors will help you achieve the fresh look you want. Watching a few videos on how to install kitchen cabinet doors will also help you nail your kitchen cabinet refacing project. 

Buying supplies from big box stores is more affordable


People revert to big retailers like Home Depot, Walmart and Lowe’s for their kitchen renovation needs. They are affordable and reliable and offer flexible return and exchange options. However, online businesses can offer the same level of service and pricing and will often go above and beyond to make sure their customers walk away satisfied and come back for more business.

Only trendy kitchen designs add value to your home


Some people have a misconception that the trendier their kitchen the more value it adds to their home. Selling a house with a recently renovated kitchen is a chance to make some profit. However, it’s not only about the kitchen’s design and visual appeal. A kitchen also has to be functional in order to add to the value of a home. Moreover, classic kitchen designs have proven to be timeless in terms of both functionality and visual appeal, so keep that in mind when drafting your kitchen renovation plan.

Renovation means a complete kitchen overhaul

No. Renovation can be anything from simple cabinet door replacement to full plumbing and electrical overhaul. Many homeowners opt for simple do-it-yourself cabinet refacing when renovating their kitchens. That is because their old wood cabinets are still in decent condition and all they want is to update the facade and the hardware. In that situation, it is important to find reliable cabinet door suppliers that make quality MDF cabinet doors.

Choose The Door Maker For Your Kitchen Renovation Project

If you are looking for MDF cabinet doors for your do-it-yourself cabinet refacing project, look no further. We at The Door Maker offer high-quality thermofoil cabinet doors at competitive prices. With our wide range of options, rest assured you can find the perfect doors to match your kitchen design and make it look fabulous. Contact us today to learn more about our products or browse our collection of MDF cabinet doors.

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