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3 Stylish and Functional Kitchen Design Trends

April 10, 2019

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home – the place where without fail, every member of your family comes together to share a meal. It’s the place where memories are made during the holiday season, the same place where you prepare generations-old family recipes, or teach your children how to bake their first batch of chocolate chip cookies. Regardless of what your kitchen may look like, you can probably bet that you and your family spend the most time in that room than anywhere else.

Maximizing time together is important – ensuring your kitchen is well equipped to meet the expectations of daily needs can allow you to spend more time with your family than having to search through your cabinet doors looking for a specific ingredient for your famous family chili. It is for this reason that renovations first occur in the kitchen to streamline your everyday cooking processes. With renovation comes the need for effective design - it is in the kitchen that we see the newest in design trends that are just as purposeful as they are stylish.


Today we’ll briefly discuss a few kitchen design trends that simultaneously maximize utility and elevate overall style.


The Invasion of Smart Tech


From cell phones to televisions, and now your kitchen – everything appears to be branded. The prevalence of motion sensors, to fridges that are capable of telling you what you have in stock (eliminating the need to have to even open your refrigerator door), to built-in televisions, and energy-reducing technology it appears as though kitchens are not immune to the technological innovations of the modern-day. Purposeful by design smart kitchens allow you to make more calculated grocery runs and lower your utility bill, all while watching your smart television (also conveniently located in your hi-tech kitchen).


Minimalist Cabinet Doors

In a world where the accumulation of material things is a sign of wealth and the success of capitalism, counter-culture speaks to the concept of minimalism – the idea of sticking to the basics. Minimalist design is prevalent in kitchen design, where neutral cabinet doors and other kitchen fixtures are more preferable.


Maximizing Storage

Another aspect to minimalist design (but maybe not the concept of minimalism) is that if you do in fact have a lot of things you can’t seem to let go, placing them in well-hidden yet easily-accessible storage solutions could be the answer to getting the best of both worlds. If you’re a kitchen wizard and love trying out different utensils, machines, and recipes you’ll want to ensure that your kitchen artillery is categorized and accessible in a way that makes sense. Opting for well-thought out storage solutions (i.e. cabinet doors that open up to storage solutions that offer more depth) is a great way to ensuring that you do not lose track of anything when going about your daily food prep processes.


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