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4 Steps To Planning A Successful DIY Kitchen Renovation

April 04, 2023
4 Steps To Planning A Successful DIY Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation is the second most popular type of home improvement project after bathrooms. They are relatively easy to DIY and can be completed within weeks. While there are aspects that require the involvement of a professional (like electrical upgrades and installations), the majority of the work can be done by yourself, and the results can be as impressive as if you hired a professional kitchen renovation team. If you are seeking to refresh your kitchen’s look and challenge your DIY abilities, here is a detailed guide on planning a successful kitchen renovation project.

Four Steps Of A Successful DIY Kitchen Renovation

1. Gather ideas & draft a sketch

Any home improvement project needs to start with drawing some inspiration, and these days, inspiration can be drawn from a wide variety of sources. Follow interior designers’ social media accounts and get inspired by their projects and designs, check some home improvement magazines, and view some kitchen renovation videos on YouTube. These will help you get a sense of what you want your new kitchen to look like, and inspire you to start sketching.

2. Determine a budget and set a timeline

The next step after deciding on the design of your ideal kitchen is to estimate the cost. To establish a strong basis for your kitchen makeover budget, do some research. Setting a budget ceiling at the early stages of renovation will help you get a better idea of what to expect and how to plan your finances. 

Setting a timeline is also crucial when planning a kitchen renovation. The timelines vary based on a number of aspects, including the size of your kitchen, the extent of the work, and the contractor's involvement, if any. Experts predict it will take between one and three months to complete a full kitchen renovation. But if you go for a simple kitchen cabinet refacing DIY, you are looking at a 2 to 7 days timeline, depending on your previous DIY experience.  

3. Order samples

Kitchen cabinets are the core of any DIY kitchen renovation project. Ordering samples is the best way to picture your new kitchen cabinets. Many companies, like The Door Maker, offer swatches or even door samples that can be ordered online. Ordering samples, whether a swatch or a whole door, will allow you to experience the quality of the materials and the finish and help you with decision-making.

4. Order supplies and appliances

Kitchen renovation can involve everything from installing replacement kitchen doors to replacing all kitchen cabinets and appliances. If you are going to replace your old appliances, do your research in advance. Look for the most energy-efficient appliances available and compare prices. If new appliances are not on your budget and all you want is to reface your kitchen cabinets, look for cabinet door suppliers in your area and order all the supplies you need to complete your kitchen cabinet refacing DIY. Some cabinet door suppliers sell online and offer flexible delivery rates when you order a certain amount of doors. 


After everything has been arranged, you can go ahead and embark upon your DIY kitchen renovation venture. Remember to leave room for the unexpected, and don’t get discouraged if things don’t go exactly as planned. With the right attitude and some creativity, you will achieve the kitchen of your dreams. 


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