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All You Need To Know About DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

March 17, 2023
All You Need To Know About DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

A full kitchen remodel is a great way to improve the outdated appeal of your kitchen. But it is also one of the most expensive home renovation projects. By replacing all the cabinets and appliances, you can end up spending a good deal of money. However, updating your kitchen look doesn’t always have to be about demolishing the entire kitchen and installing new cabinets from scratch. If all that bothers you are old-looking cabinet doors, consider DIY kitchen cabinet refacing. In this blog, we will dive into the subject of cabinet refacing, what it is, its different aspects, where to find kitchen cabinet refacing suppliers and how to DIY your kitchen cabinet refacing project. Read on.


What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing involves replacing existing doors and drawer fronts of your kitchen cabinets with new ones. If the base cabinets are in good shape and haven’t lost their colour, you can leave them as is and make do without veneer panels or painting them. If you are considering updating the colour of the base cabinets too, you can paint them with a new colour or glue a new veneer on them. The hardware (handles, drawer pulls and hinges) is normally replaced during DIY kitchen cabinet refacing too.

How does DIY cabinet refacing work?

While many people think kitchen cabinet refacing is the same as cabinet renovation, in reality, it is not. Cabinet refacing primarily involves replacing the doors and drawer fronts of the kitchen cabinets with newer replacement options. The average process would look something like this:

  1. You get precise measurements of your cabinets doors and drawer fronts. Check out this video guide on measuring kitchen cabinet doors for your DIY kitchen cabinet refacing project. 
  2. Do your research on cabinet door suppliers and choose the one you can trust. Select the desired colour for your new cabinet replacement doors and drawer fronts and place the order. 
  3. Remove your old cabinet doors.
  4. Install new hardware on the new cabinet replacement doors. This step is unnecessary if the old hinges and handles are still in good condition and you decided to keep them. 
  5. Mount new doors and drawer fronts on the cabinets. 

If you are serious about transforming your kitchen, step #4 would include installing veneer sheets on the outer sides of the cabinets. 

The major advantage of cabinet refacing is that you can easily handle this project by yourself. In fact, many people do it themselves because it is incredibly cost-effective and relatively easy to do. It is also a fun little project you could do with your family on the weekend.

Where to get materials for DIY cabinet refacing?

There are multiple cabinet-refacing suppliers in Toronto, the GTA and throughout Ontario. As someone dreaming of a perfect kitchen, you want to be sure the cabinet door replacements you buy are high-quality, long-lasting and of the best possible price. You can start by researching cabinet thermofoil door suppliers online and sorting them by reviews. Next, compare the pricing and the quality of the materials, and find out if the supplier has a physical location where you can visit and ask for samples. All this will help you choose the best supplier at a reasonable price. 


Why Choose The Door Maker For Your DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Project?

The Door Maker is the number one provider of cabinet thermofoil doors in Ontario and all across Canada. Having been in the business for over 48 years, we have gained a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy kitchen/bath cabinet doors supplier with the best quality products. 


Not only do our clients get to choose from a wide range of colours, door profiles and edge designs, but they also take advantage of the most affordable prices and flexible payment options. Our clients are never left to wonder about the door's design as our staff is always available to help with colour and design considerations. Our product is easy to install and gives the appearance of painted wood or finely stained natural grain cabinet doors. We are also the manufacturer of our product, so we can offer our customers the best pricing on the market. 


To top up our exceptional service and excellent product, we use only the latest in technology and machinery to ensure a high level of efficiency in the manufacturing process and zero carbon footprint. TDM is your go-to source for exceptional quality thermofoil cabinet doors in North America.


All You Need To Know About DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

How much does DIY kitchen cabinet refacing cost?

According to the Home Guide, the average kitchen cabinet refacing cost is $6,518 (~ CAD 8,950). A 10′ x 12′ kitchen will cost between $4,214 and $8,110 (~ CAD 5,783 to CAD 11,130) to reface. Of course, these numbers greatly depend on aspects such as the quality of the materials, hardware, kitchen size and more. Labour costs are also important to keep in mind. If you hire kitchen refacing contractors, expect to pay between $30 to $100 per hour on top of the materials and hardware costs. But if you want to save even more money and are up for a challenge, consider a DIY option.

Pros and Cons of DIY kitchen cabinet refacing

When considering DIY kitchen cabinet refacing, it is crucial to weigh all pros and cons of this venture. 


Why go for DIY kitchen cabinet refacing?

  1. Brand new kitchen cabinets for a fraction of the cost - DIYing your kitchen cabinet refacing is definitely cheaper than renovating your entire kitchen from scratch. 
  2. No city permits are required - Since cabinet refacing doesn’t involve any major plumbing or electrical work, you don’t need to apply for any permits to reface your kitchen cabinets.
  3. Boosted home-resale value - With cabinet refacing, your kitchen will look as stunning as a brand new kitchen, so expect to get a higher resale value when selling your home.
  4. An outlet for creativity - If you are keen on all things DIY, especially those concerning home design, kitchen refacing is a great opportunity to allow your creativity to run wild.  


When to stay away from DIY kitchen cabinet refacing?

  1. Not worth the money if cabinets are old or damaged - cheap, old plywood cabinets showing signs of wear may not be worth the effort of refacing them. 
  2. Doesn’t help change kitchen layout and cabinet space - if kitchen layout is what bothers you more than the cabinet fronts themselves, refacing may not be the best option as it will not change the kitchen’s layout. 



Can you DIY kitchen cabinet refacing?

Yes, you can! In fact, this process is so easy that you shouldn’t even bother hiring a professional installer to complete your kitchen cabinet refacing project. All you need is ordering the right  supplies and a little DIY spirit.


How long do kitchen cabinet refacing projects take to complete?

Depending on the kitchen size, it could take you from a weekend to a week or two to finish a DIY kitchen cabinet refacing project. The installation time will also vary depending on your skill level. An experienced DIYer will complete the installation in less time than a novice. 


Is DIY cabinet refacing worth the money?

Indubitably, yes. Aside from saving you a big chunk of money, your kitchen will obtain a brand-new look without the hassle of a full remodel. 

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