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Caring for Thermofoil Cabinet Doors

June 20, 2018

 Using thermofoil in our cabinet doors means that your kitchen gets a great look that can be made to last for a very long time. Of course, this isn’t simply a matter of finishing an installation and leaving — thermofoil cabinet doors do require some measure of care and maintenance in the long-term to retain their look and functionality.


Properly cared-for thermofoil cabinet doors will continue to look incredible for years!


One of the first things to note concerning thermofoil care is that there are no special cleaning supplies you’ll need for common stains or issues — any regular soap, de-greaser or detergent will work fine on these doors, and should cause no issues or damages in the long run.


The primary issue to watch out for when it comes to thermofoil is going to be heat. Any source of steam in particular can slowly erode at the lamination and the door, causing it to melt, disfigure, or weaken over time. Unfortunately, of course, a kitchen is typically a hotspot for hot spots.


This is a good issue to consider before getting your doors installed — make sure that your doors are installed well away from vents, fans, and any appliances that might direct an abundance of heat their way. A kettle, for instance, can cause a surprising amount of damage over time, if it’s allowed to expel steam in the close vicinity of your doors. Your stovetops and oven are also potential sources of trouble, so you’ll want to carefully consider the airflow in your kitchen before installing.


Thermofoil cabinet doors from the Door Maker are designed to be an affordable and good-looking alternative to many other options for your kitchen, and in the long run, they will certainly serve this purpose, as long as they are afforded these general standards of care. To learn more about our products, or to begin work on your own, feel free to contact us at any time!

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