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Choosing The Right Colour for Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

June 19, 2018

When remodeling your kitchen, deciding what colour your kitchen cabinet doors is a vital part of the process. In fact, choosing what colour anything should be during any remodel of your home is almost always an important part of the process.

When choosing the right colour for your kitchen cabinet doors, it’s very helpful to consider these things.

Mood & Personality

When entering your kitchen – or any room of your house – what mood do you want that room to make you feel? Many homeowners go with creamy white colours with shiny silver accents to give their kitchens a clean, pure, new look.

Another thing to consider: does your kitchen remodel align with your home’s personality? Homes are a reflection of ourselves, so what do you, as an individual, feel your kitchen should reflect about you and how you feel when you walk into your kitchen?



A small kitchen with low light and dark colours can make your kitchen look very drab and gloomy. Light brightens up a room, including all the colours that the room showcases. So when you’re choosing a colour for your kitchen cabinet doors, consider the lighting of your room and how you can use it in a way that suits you!


The Remodel

What exactly are you remodeling in your kitchen? Everything? Just the kitchen cabinet doors? Thinking about the remodel as a whole is very helpful in any decision. It lets you think of the room as small art pieces that – when assembled – make one big gorgeous painting. The question is: how do you make the smaller pieces tie together nicely and make the room better?


Wall Colour

When choosing a colour for your kitchen cabinet doors, it’s important that you choose a colour that complements the walls. As said in the previous section, you need a colour that fits together nicely with different parts of the room. So when you’re choosing a colour, think about the walls!

At the Door Maker, we have loads of kitchen cabinet doors to choose from. You can choose everything from door profiles, to mullions and frames! We pride ourselves on being the most cost-effective and easiest-to use cabinet door manufacturers in Ontario, so call us today and request a quote!

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