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Custom Bathroom Vanity Inspiration

September 24, 2020

Custom Bathroom Vanity Inspiration

Cabinet and vanity design in the bathroom should not only look great but should also be functional. The combination of cabinet doors, drawers, and open shelving will keep your space neat and tidy. Refacing your bathroom cabinets is a simple change that can make a huge difference. This one little upgrade can revitalize the entire look of your bathroom.

Refacing your bathroom vanity is:

  • Cost-effective, since you’re not going through with a full renovation.
  • Environmentally friendly, since you’re not ripping out the entire cabinet box.
  • Custom to you! You can design your cabinetry just the way you want it.

Have a look at some of our favourite custom bathroom vanities:

This oh so gorgeous custom bathroom vanity by Gum Tree Cabinets highlights a few of our newest products! The cabinet door panel is the Cambridge Shaker. The colour is Mysterious, which is blue with a grey undertone and a matte finish.

The vanity has such a lovely design with two cabinet doors in the middle and drawer fronts along both sides. This design is perfect for a shared bathroom because you and your partner can have your own personal space!

The open shelving along the wall also adds a nice design element to this space. The shelves are actually flat panel cabinet doors in the colour Noce Secchia, which is chocolate brown with a dark grain and a textured finish.

A style of vanity you might want to consider is a floating vanity. This vanity, by TeKitchen, is mounted to the wall. It features our flat cabinet door panel Profile A in the colour Canadian Grey. This colour is light grey with a matte finish.

This vanity has plenty of countertop space as well as storage space with the design of the drawers.

This floating vanity by Envy Me Cabinetry features our flat-panel Profile A cabinet door but with a twist! It has lines running across, to give it the appearance of more than one door. The vanity is in White Portuna which is light chiffon white, with dark grain and a textured finish.

This bathroom has ample amount of space for a double floating vanity and extra storage along the side that is also floating! The vanity, by Chase Cabinetry, features our raised panel cabinet door, Profile E. The colour is Chocolate Pear which is chocolate brown with a dark grain.

Cabinet door Profile E, has a raised panel, deep two-step medium u-shaped groove and square corners. The cabinet door has an 05 edge design, which has a 45-degree cut-off.

This small vanity makes a big statement with its colour! For a light coloured bathroom, add a pop of colour to your vanity’s cabinetry. This custom bathroom vanity by Small Jobs Specialist features our shaker-style cabinet door Profile I in Starry Night. The colour is dark grey with a matte finish.

His & her vanity! This double vanity showcases our flat panel cabinet door Profile A in the colour Agave High Gloss. This colour is a medium grey with a glossy finish. This classic vanity design, by Envy Me Cabinetry, features two sinks, cabinet doors, and pull out drawers at the bottom.

When you’re designing the look of your bathroom vanity, don’t forget to update the doors on your medicine cabinet! This sleek medicine cabinet received a lovely makeover and features our Profile D door panel in one of our newest colours, Nordic White.

Panel Profile D has a raised panel, shallow two-step v-shaped groove, and square corners. Nordic White is a bright and fresh white with a slight touch of warmth so it’s not too stark.

We hope that this blog has given you plenty of inspiration for your bathroom project! Get creative and have fun with your bathroom vanity cabinet design and colour choice.

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