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Doors for Garage Cabinets

October 26, 2021

Doors for Garage Cabinets

Revamp your garage with custom cabinetry by creating a space where you can work, organize your seasonal essentials, and have enough room to park your car.

For a rewarding DIY project, you can either build your own cabinet boxes or purchase them from IKEA and you can get high-quality doors from The Door Maker. Our thermofoil MDF doors are highly durable and can withstand the changing temperatures of your garage environment.

When designing your garage cabinetry, consider adding:

  • A work table Cabinet doors to store rakes, shovels, tools, and equipment
  • Drawers to store nails and screws
  • Shelves to easily access everyday essentials
  • A rack or hook to hold a bike or winter gear such as a ski, snowboard, or toboggan

The garage pictured above features our Profile A cabinet door panel. It’s a slab profile with a 1/16 rounded edge. A flat panel cabinet door is ideal for your garage because it is so easy to clean. It’s a simple wipe-down without having to worry about debris in the grooves that you would see on a raised or shaker cabinet door panel.

This cabinet door was custom-designed with an 04 edge profile which has a ⅛ round over design. The cabinet colour is Weathered Pine which has a light and dark grey grain with a textured finish.

Believe it or not, these cabinet doors have been in the garage for about 12 years and they still look brand new! Even with extreme temperature fluctuations, the thermofoil finish on the cabinet door has not peeled. You can also see in the photos that the doors have been cleaned with a 1,800 PSI pressure washer with absolutely no damage to the finish.

Are you ready to spruce up your garage? Get a free online quote for custom cabinet doors today!


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