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Green Kitchen Cabinet Doors

January 07, 2022

Green Kitchen Cabinet Doors


Many paint companies have announced a shade of green as their colour of the year, which means we can expect to see a lot of green kitchens in 2022. Green is a colour that symbolizes renewal, nature, and freshness.

To help you keep your kitchen looking absolutely trendy in the new year, explore our shades of green:

Fjord is our newest colour. It’s a calming and soothing green with a matte finish.

Celadon Super Matte is light green with a matte finish. This shade of green was our best seller for 2021.

Duke Super Matte is dark green with a matte finish.

Green is very versatile when it comes to choosing your cabinet door panel. It's a colour that works well on flat, raised panel, and shaker cabinet doors.

You have a few design options when it comes to incorporating green in your kitchen:

  • Go bold with green cabinets throughout your kitchen
  • Add a little pop of colour with a green kitchen island
  • Design a two-tone kitchen

For a two-tone kitchen design, green lower cabinets look stunning with white uppers. Nordic White is a refreshing bright white while Snow White has a grey undertone. Both colours have a matte finish.

Another design idea is wood grain lower cabinets with green uppers. Woodgrain colours that pair well with green are Nutmeg, Walnut, Sesame, and Walnut Ombre.

Are you ready to embrace green this year?

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