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Holes for HingesOrder this door

Holes for Hinges

Holes for HingesOrder this door

Holes for Hinges

Standard hinges holes are drilled if requested on order form to these dimensions only.


Standard hinge hole: 1.375" (38mm) diameter.

Depth: .1/2" (12.7mm).

Standard hole position, regardless of door size, is 3.5" to center (please refer to illustration). 

Customers can request new holes or spacing but must do so on ordering and must sign off on spacing.


The following will be the standard # of holes drilled on the door, unless specified:

Door Height (mm)                   Door Height (inches)                   Number of holes

0 - 912                                      0 - 35.9"                                      2

913 - 1276.4                              36 - 50.25                                    3

1277 - 2438                               50.26 - 96                                    4

Doors that require right/left hinge holes (for instance, door with a 2003, 2004 or 2007 Inner Panel Profile) must be indicated on order form as to which door is right or left, or no holes will be drilled.

We assume no responsibility if hinge holes do not line up or are misaligned in general.


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