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Home Office Design Ideas

April 09, 2020

Home Office Design Ideas

Having a dedicated workspace will help you stay focused and productive. This could be an entire room in your home that is transformed into an office or a small space in your bedroom or living room.

Designing your home office space lets you embrace your creative side. Not only should it be functional, but the design should incorporate your personality. A great way to keep yourself organized is with custom cabinetry.

Below is an Ikea cabinet that we have in our office. There is a nice balance between the cabinets and open shelving. We refaced the doors with our own, carefully choosing a door style and colour to reflect our employees’ personality. The door is a Profile A in the colour Memento which has a beach vibe associated with it.


Profile A Cabinets in Memento


Gum Tree Cabinets designed and installed this gorgeous office that you see here. Again, you have that balance between the cabinetry and open shelving. Keep in mind that the open-shelves don’t necessarily need to be filled with items for work. Add some decor pieces to the mix to brighten up your day. This office was designed with Executive Shaker cabinets in the colour Snow White.




This cabinet was also designed by the ever so talented Gum Tree Cabinets. This is the Victorian Shaker cabinet door in Snow White. The two doors in the middle look absolutely stunning. You typically find this design on Mullions with a glass backing. However, it is just as beautiful carved into a solid door as well.



Now this picture here isn’t a home office. You can come in and see this beauty in The Door Maker office! But it does go to show how you can let your creativity run wild. Again, we used Ikea cabinets here and refaced the cabinet doors with two different styles. We have our shaker-style Profile I and a slab door in Profile A for the drawer fronts in Black Chalkboard. The side gables of the cabinets are in the colour Tete-a-Tete. We mixed and matched different designs and colours to really bring this piece together.


Profile I Cabinets in Black Chalkboard


Who said that two-toned cabinets were only for the kitchen? This stunning home office design by Gum Tree Cabinets features a striking balance between light and dark cabinetry. The cabinets feature one of our newest door profiles, the Cambridge Shaker. The upper cabinets are in Snow White while the lower cabinets are in Starry Night.



Below are some more home office designs by Gum Tree Cabinets:



Profile I in Snow White



Vermont Shaker in Snow White



Profile I in Snow White



Profile I in Snow White



Profile I in Snow White


Keep in mind that your home office is a space that should be functional, to keep you productive and organized throughout your day. As you’ve seen above, this could include a combination of cabinetry, open shelving, or glass doors. Be sure to make it unique to you.


Happy designing!

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