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How MDF Cabinet Doors Are A Great Option For Your Home

September 27, 2018

MDF cabinet doors are a great alternative over traditional cabinet doors. Medium-density fiberboard makes use of several thin panels manufactured out of resin, wood, wax, and fiber. It is an engineered wood, which makes it stronger, denser, and more durable than plywood.


Due to the many advantages that it provides, MDF cabinet doors are widely preferred over traditional plywood doors!


You would not find any wood grain in medium-density fiberboard as it is comprised of tiny wood fibers. There are also no holes in medium density fiberboard! Here are some reasons why it is better to choose MDF cabinet doors for your kitchen:


  • Water Resistance – MDF cabinet doors can be designed and built to be water resistant. A kitchen is one place at home that is prone to moisture, which is why a waterproof MDF cabinet door can be highly beneficial.
  • Easy to Customize – MDF comes from fine particles, which provides a smoother finish. This allows for an easy-to-paint surface because there is no visible grain. MDF cabinet doors also cover a wide range of styles, including inset, shaker, flat panel, etc. This makes customization incredibly easy since you can drill it without damaging the material.
  • It Does Not Warp and Crack – The kitchen is rich in humidity, moisture, and other conditions that can make wood warp or crack. With MDF cabinet doors, you don’t have to worry about these problems since any changes in room temperature do not affect the structure of medium-density fiberboard.


MDF is an ideal option for cabinet doors in your kitchen. Depending on your needs, we can accommodate them regarding thickness, sizes, and styles. We at the Door Maker pride ourselves in providing top-quality MDF kitchen cabinet doors for various homes across Toronto and the GTA. So when your kitchen is in need of a renovation, consider us and our cabinet doors!

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