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Most companies use a numbered system that delineates one door without allowing the user to alter his or her design systems. To address this, The Door Maker uses a unique method of identifying our doors.


Stiles and Rails – All stiles and rails can be either altered to reflect the customer's taste in a group or as individually adjusted to match any current door system. Bear in mind that the stile provides material for the hinge holes to be drilled into, thereby reducing the amount of stile that can be removed.


A typical design number for one of our products would look like this: 2008/I/05, as stated in the illustration below. This number or code allows TDM and our contractors to alter each door design in three different geometries, and in one colour selection. 


Video Tutorial: How to Order Custom Cabinet Doors Online


Browse our selection of Door Styles, Door Profiles, and Edge Profiles.

Video Tutorial: How to Order Mullions and Frames Online

Browse our selection of Mullions and Frames.

How to Order Panels, Gables, and Toe Kicks

You can use a panel or gable to cover the sides of your cabinets, kitchen island, or fridge.

For a simple flat panel, select the following options on our Build a Door configurator:

Panel Profile: A
Door Style: 2001
Edge Profile: 07

We have different thickness options to choose from including ⅛”, ¼”, ⅜”, ½” or ⅝”. Select your preference in the "View Additional Options" dropdown. Please note that these thickness options are only available for flat panel doors. All other profiles have a standard thickness of ¾".

Please note that toe kicks/baseboards are only available in 8 feet (96") long. For the dimensions, you need to enter the minimum width of 3.875" and length 96". In the Notes/Comments section mention that this is a toe kick/baseboard and also let us know the actual width you need.

How to Order Multiple Panels

Our multiple panel options include Double, Triple, Quad, Split, and Triple Split.

The standard width of the stile (divider) is 2 ¼”. If you'd like a different width, you can let us know in the Notes/Comments section when placing your order.

The maximum size we can make is 48 x 96" (w x h). If your requirements fall outside of these measurements, simply flip the measurements. The width of the panel is now the height and the height is now the width which allows you to go up to 96". If you select a colour that has a grain, keep in mind that you must select the horizontal grain and not vertical for the direction.

The panel should match the door style you have chosen for the cabinets. Select the same options, then in the Notes/Comments section, indicate the panel style you'd like: Double Panel, Triple Panel, Quad Panel, Split Panel, Triple Spilt.

How to Order Drawer Fronts

Drawer fronts can be ordered using our Build a Door configurator. When you enter the measurements for a drawer front, you'll have two options to choose from due to its small size:

1. Reduced Rails
2. Make it a Slab

Reduced rails refer to the area of the door above and below the inner panel. Due to the size you require, this area gets reduced to accommodate a drawer handle. Select this option if you'd like the inner panel to match your cabinet doors.

Make it a slab refers to a flat panel drawer front.

How to Order a Light Valance

The designs of our Light Valances are based on the edge profiles. The design will only be visible on the bottom portion of the valance.

To order a valance, enter the following on the Build a Door configurator:

Panel Profile: A
Door Style: 2001
Edge Profile: Any design of your choosing

For the dimensions, you need to enter the minimum width of 3.875" and length 96". In the Notes/Comments section mention that this is a light valance and also let us know the actual width of the valance that you need, for example, 2.5 or 3".


Due to the nature of MDF (Medium-Density Fibre), once cut, the profiles of all doors will show a slight roughness as a result of exposing the fibrous material. This is especially evident when pressed with certain PVC colours. TDM takes great care in sanding and preparing doors that will not have an insert applied. The edges of some doors will show a roughness regardless of the amount of sanding.



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