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Kitchen Renovation Ideas

August 27, 2020

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Find inspiration for your upcoming kitchen renovation at The Door Maker. We have over 25 cabinet door panels and over 150 thermofoil colours to choose from! You’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for your home.

A common trend we’re seeing in kitchen cabinetry are shaker-style and flat-panel doors. Our most popular shaker cabinet door panels are Profile I, and Vermont Shaker. Though they may look fairly similar, the difference can be seen on their interior panel. Profile I has slightly round corners compared to the Vermont Shaker which is squared. Our flat panel cabinetry selection includes Profile A, Pillow, and Slanted, with Profile A being custom favourite.

White Cabinetry

For a modern kitchen, a classic white paired with shaker-style cabinetry is a timeless design choice. White cabinetry can really brighten up your kitchen space. Its versatility lets you play around with other design elements such as the flooring, countertops, backsplash, and cabinet hardware.

This classic white kitchen, by TeKitchen, features our shaker-style cabinet door Profile I in Snow White. This colour is solid white with a matte finish and an absolute customer favourite! Door Profile I has a recessed panel with rounded corners. You have the option to insert panels with beadboard, v-groove or keep it flat.

Grey Cabinetry

Grey cabinetry has really been starting to gain popularity. It's the perfect neutral colour for homeowners who still want a light and airy kitchen but don’t want to go too bold and dramatic with their colour choice. For an elegant and sophisticated kitchen look, grey cabinetry is the way to go!

This beautiful kitchen by Revival Home Renovations is an excellent example. The Profile I shaker cabinet doors are in Rain Cloud. This colour is light grey with a matte finish.

Blue Cabinetry

These homeowners made a bold choice with their kitchen cabinetry by choosing one of our newest colours, Mysterious Super Matte which is blue with a matte finish. This stunning kitchen by Tarko Interiors features our Profile I shaker-style cabinet door panel.

Black Cabinetry

A kitchen with a flair for the dramatics! This beautiful black kitchen by Tarko Interiors features our classic shaker cabinet door panel, Profile I, in Black Serica. This colour has a matte finish.

Wood Grain

Did you know that thermofoil can mimic the appearance and texture of a wood grain cabinet door panel? We have over 75-grain colours that resemble real wood. Click here to browse our selection.

A wood grain thermofoil looks absolutely stunning on a flat panel door. This kitchen by Envy Me Cabinetry features our slab door Profile A in Medium Driftwood. This colour is a medium brown with grain and it has a textured finish.

Two-Toned Kitchen

Who knew a high gloss paired with a textured cabinet door colour would make such a lovely pair? Both White High Gloss and Grey Portuna are showcased in our cabinet door panel Profile A, which is a slab door. The kitchen was built and installed by John Grdosic and the countertop and backsplash are from Toronto Granite.

For more colour inspiration for your kitchen cabinetry, click here to browse our thermofoil collection.

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