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Laundry Room Cabinets

February 16, 2022

Laundry Room Cabinets


Elevate your laundry room with custom cabinet doors. Having storage space in your laundry room is essential. When designing your laundry room, consider:

  • Cabinet doors or open shelving to store detergent, fabric softener, and an iron board
  • Countertop for folding clothes
  • Deep sink for stain removal or to wash delicates
  • Rod to hang clothes

Doing laundry won’t feel like a chore when you’ve got a space as stunning as these designs!

This laundry room was a DIY makeover. It features two different door styles. The upper cabinets are in style 2003 which features an arch with shoulders at the top of the panel profile while the bottom remains flat. The bottom cabinets are in style 2002 which is squared. The cabinet door features Profile G which has a raised panel, deep 3 step u-shaped groove, and square corners. The edge profile features the 03 design which has a two-step gradual slope. The cabinet colour is Nordic White.



Green cabinets are in this year! It is such a stunning pop of colour to add to your laundry room. The cabinets feature the Vermont Shaker Triple Panel in Celadon Super Matte. Celadon is light green with a matte finish.



Go bold with these Mysterious Super Matte cabinets. The beautiful blue shaker cabinet doors really stand out against the white countertop. This laundry room design really has it all. The cabinets provide excellent storage space. The countertop gives you plenty of room to fold your clothes and there's even a bar to hang clothes to dry.



This light blue finish is the absolute perfect colour for your laundry room. These gorgeous cabinets feature the Vermont Shaker Double Panel in Denim Super Matte. Once again this laundry room incorporates all of the design elements that make for a functional and gorgeous space.



We hope that this blog has inspired you to get creative with your laundry space by incorporating different cabinet door panels and a pop of colour in your home.

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