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Living Room Cabinets

November 05, 2020

Living Room Cabinets

With the holidays just around the corner and family gatherings in the living room to watch their favourite Christmas movies, we thought we’d share some of our family room cabinet designs.

When you design your living room or basement entertainment center, try to strike a balance between open shelving and hidden storage with cabinet doors. The open shelving is a great way for you to display family photos and decor pieces while the cabinet doors allow you to tuck away any miscellaneous items. The centerpiece of your entertainment unit is the perfect spot for your TV. 

Shaker-style cabinets are a popular choice for TV units with white being the colour of choice. White cabinets in the living room keep the room looking neutral and bright. Check out some of our favourite TV units below.

This beautiful entertainment unit by Gum Tree Cabinets consists of open shelving along the sides with cabinet doors and drawer fronts lining the bottom. The cabinet doors feature our Profile I in Snow White. This shaker cabinet door has a recessed panel with rounded corners. Next to the drawer fronts, you can see our 1 Lite mullion and frame.

This stunning TV unit, by Hang-Ups Custom Closets Inc., features glass doors and decorative columns along the sides with cabinets doors and drawer fronts on the bottom. It features our shaker-style Profile I cabinet door panel. The colour of the cabinetry is Ontario White and it has a textured finish. The glass doors along the side showcase our Hampton frame. This TV unit was custom built in a condo and it fits a 75 inch TV!

This charming media center by Modern Fit Kitchens features a stone wall centerpiece for the TV and fireplace with opening shelving and cabinetry. The cabinet doors are our shaker-style panel in Profile I. The colour of the cabinets is Snow White which goes perfectly with the grey stonework because Snow White has a grey undertone.

This expansive custom entertainment unit by Gum Tree Cabinets stretches over 12 feet in length! We have crown moulding at the top with fluted columns along the sides. There is open shelving along both the top and the sides of this unit with drawer fronts and base cabinets along the bottom. The cabinet doors feature our raised panel Profile D door in Snow White. This panel has a shallow two-step v-shaped groove and square corners on the inner panel.

At The Door Maker, we specialize in making cabinet door fronts, but we are going to let you in on a little trick for the opening shelving. The shelves you see in the beautiful TV units above are actually our flat panel cabinet door Profile A. You can customize this panel to have squared corners with our 07 edge design. And voila, you have a shelf!

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