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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

March 17, 2022

Modern Kitchen Cabinets


Modern kitchens feature a flat panel cabinet door giving it a very simple and sleek look. It can even make your kitchen look bigger. Flat-panel doors are very versatile and pair beautifully with matte, wood grain, and high gloss finishes.

Flat-panel cabinet doors will always be on-trend because of their timeless design. It has smooth, clean, and simple lines that will be a treat for the eyes!

The biggest advantage of slab doors is that they have an easy-to-clean surface. Simply wipe them down without fussing over dust or grease buildup in any grooves.

Flat-panel cabinets are the most budget-friendly doors that we make. You’ll achieve a high-end, modern kitchen design without the hefty price tag. At The Door Maker, we have 4 different flat-panel doors to choose from:

Profile A

This is your classic slab door. Profile A was also one of our best sellers in 2021.



This panel gives your door a bit of a design. It has grooves running along the length of the door. The Puritian panel slightly resembles a shaker cabinet door which can also help you achieve that modern kitchen look.



This flat panel door has a soft edge that has a 30-degree slope.



This is a flat panel door that has a sharp edge that has a 30-degree angle.


Reface your cabinets with these modern flat-panel cabinet doors today!

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