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Refacing Ikea Cabinets

December 24, 2019

Refacing Ikea Cabinets

Ikea has a great selection of cabinets for every room in your home and even your office! However, their designs are very simple and the color options are limited.

Featured in the picture, is our Profile A cabinet doors in Memento. This cabinet door color resonates with a beach setting. It’s a great color choice if you’re looking for coastal decor. Our Profile A cabinet door is one of our best sellers. It’s a slab door with a sleek and modern design. Another popular door style is our Profile I which is a shaker door. The shaker door style is very popular amongst homeowners and it looks great in any room.

You can spruce up your Ikea cabinets with custom doors from TDM - The Door Maker. We have a few Ikea cabinets around the office, all of which have been refaced with our own doors. The cabinets provide great storage and the custom doors add a personal touch. Designing your own cabinet door shows off your style, creativity, and personality. Dare to be bold and design your doors in Bubbalicious or keep it sleek with Snow White.

Replacing your Ikea cabinet doors makes for a great DIY project. It’s really simple to do and you can get the exact measurements that you need by measuring your existing door front. If you need some help measuring your doors, check out our instructional booklet, How to Measure a Cabinet Door. You are guaranteed to get the perfect fit for your cabinets. 

We have over 30,000 variations of cabinet door panels, styles, and colors to choose from! The possibilities are endless which lets you custom design your very own doors. 

Whether your Ikea cabinets are old or brand new, transform their look with custom made cabinet doors designed by you, from TDM!

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