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Why Choose Our MDF Cabinet Doors

June 22, 2018

While most people love to have wood anywhere in their home – on the floor, on the cabinets and so on – it can be very expensive and needs more maintenance and care to maintain its beauty. The best alternative to wood especially for a cabinetry are our MDF cabinet doors.

MDF, or medium-density fibreboard, is an engineered wood made from wood fiber, resin and wax, making it stronger and more durable than wood. Our MDF cabinet doors are perfect to use in the bathroom and kitchen. They are a better option than wood through the following properties.

Our MDF cabinet doors provide these excellent advantages over wood:

Not Prone to Cracking or Warping

During extreme conditions such as high humidity and moisture, the wood may crack or warp making it not quite suitable for either bathroom or kitchen cabinetry. Our MDF cabinet doors, on the other hand, assure you of no damage during extreme temperature or humidity because of its structure and the way it has been assembled on-site and manufactured, making it more resistant.

Great Substrate for Painting

Being dimensionally stable and smooth, MDF cabinet doors are excellent surfaces to paint over. The material is also very hard and so it will not easily dent, but may cause the paints to just flake off in worst case scenario. Painting on wood is no better option either since it can result to more problems later on due to its organic and natural properties!

Much Easier to Customize

Others consider the lack of grain (due to very fine particles the material are made of) in MDF cabinet doors a drawback. On the contrary, this is in fact a great advantage if you want a customized cabinetry that reflects your personality. They also come in various styles and many can imitate the look of wooden varieties. They also come in Shaker-style, flat panel and inset styles as well!

Going Green

To top it off, MDF cabinet doors are considered as a green product because they are manufactured using waste materials without the need to cut trees for fresh timber as is the case with wood.

We at The Door Maker pride ourselves in our MDF cabinet doors. Our cabinet doors are not only prone to warping in certain conditions, or provide a great surface to paint on, but they’re also eco-friendly! If you care about the environment and want high-quality cabinet doors for your home, contact us today!

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