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Refresh Your Kitchen’s Interiors with Elegantly-Crafted Kitchen Cabinet Doors

March 28, 2019

Swapping your plain cabinet doors for decorative glass doors can transform any space in your home. Great for displaying vintage dishware or your set of china – opting for mullion cabinet doors with glass panes can add a classic yet timeless feel to any contemporary kitchen or dining room space. Showcase your family’s history through displaying generational heirlooms, or just give the appearance of depth in your home’s kitchen – refreshing your interiors with new cabinet doors can be the dramatic interior design change your kitchen needs.


Today we’ll discuss the various types of mullion cabinet doors to choose from when opting to refresh your kitchen’s appearance.


Mullion Cabinet Doors

  • Wood-framed cabinet doors are known as mullions – the perfect answer to displaying family heirlooms or your beautiful set of china
  • Mullions protect your kitchen wares from dust, while also adding a depth to the upper areas of your kitchen


Art Glass Inserts

  • If you’re looking to make the appearance of your mullion doors completely unique, consider opting for art glass inserts
  • Art glass can perfectly suit your tastes as you can decide if there are any specific patterns, symbols, drawings, etc. that can be etched in the glass panels of your mullion doors
  • Regardless of your own unique tastes – you have full control as to what your glass panels should display


Textured Glass Inserts

  • Frosted or textured patterned glass is a great option for creating an illusion of privacy for your kitchen cabinet doors
  • Textured glass inserts are the perfect answer for those who want glass panels but aren’t as keen on displaying their contents for those to see
  • Textured glass inserts diffuse light – allowing some light into your cabinets, allowing some semblance of what is inside but leaving any definitive ideas to the imagination


Opt for Cabinet Doors with The Door Maker


The Door Maker offers years of experience crafting elegant cabinet doors available in a large range of sizes, colours, and materials. With fully customizable options – your choices are endless. Regardless of your distinct tastes, you can rest assured that TDM has a cabinet door option for you. We are fully capable of bringing your cabinet door dreams to life! Give us a call today to learn more about our amazing products.



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