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White Kitchen Cabinets

BY superuser, News Apr 21 2022

White Kitchen Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinets


White kitchen cabinets are still the most popular choice of colour for homeowners. It will have your kitchen feeling bigger and brighter. White cabinet doors are a fresh colour that will keep your kitchen sparkling like new for years to come.

White cabinets are very versatile. First off, the handle and knob options are endless. There a many different colours and styles to choose from to complement your white cabinets. Secondly, you can add a pop of colour to an all-white kitchen with a contrasting kitchen island or colourful appliances. This White High Gloss kitchen has a very modern and fresh design. We love how it is accented with gold handles.



Adding mullions and frames can give your white kitchen an extra wow factor. There are a variety of inserts to choose from, like glass, frosted glass, or a mirror. Glass frames are great for displaying fancy tableware. This Nordic White kitchen features the Darby frame with a mirror insert.



Nordic White is one of our best-sellers. Homeowners love this finish because it’s crisp and clean. It’s not a stark white. The colour does have a touch of warmth to it, making it a very inviting colour.

If white cabinets are too stark for your taste, switch things up with a white wood grain. This classy black and white kitchen features Ash White. This colour adds a bit of detail to your cabinet door and also feels like wood.



At The Door Maker, we have many shades of white to choose from, like bright whites, white with a hint of grey undertone, or off-whites. We also have different finish options, like textured, matte, wood grain, and high gloss to suit your taste.


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